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Senior designer

You will be a vital part of our senior creative team

You’ll already have some excellent experience under your belt working in one or two of the world’s top branded packaging agencies and you now want to be stretched and challenged to continue on your fast-track career trajectory. Your portfolio will showcase stunning case studies, which prove that you know how to work smart and deliver effective strategic, creative solutions. You will have worked independently on projects, and as part of a team. You will thrive in a tough yet dynamic and stimulating environment. You should have enough hands-on experience to realise that the world is getting faster and you will need to work at pace, without compromising the creative result. If you’re looking for some headroom whilst still having support and guidance, then come and have a chat with us and find out more. 

People talk a lot about culture these days. We genuinely invest a disproportionate amount of time in ours because we believe a happy team is a more creative team. We’re fiercely independent, choosing to work on brands that inspire us, and offer a creative democracy to all our designers, giving you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

You’ll find out more when we meet.

Now recruiting for roles based in both London and Tunbridge Wells studios.

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